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Berlin is the European homebase of the RChain cooperative. RChain is a cooperative dedicated to building platforms and tools to empower coordination at any scale.

RChain Europe is a registered cooperative (Genossenschaft) in Germany. Our coop is working to build a community of developers and members all over Europe.

The coop team in Berlin is looking forward to welcoming members to the coop! Check the membership agreement or get in touch and find out more about our plans for the coming months!


Join us for our weekly community call and see what’s going on at RChain Europe! We’ll keep you posted on latest developments every Wednesday, 5-6PM CET.


The Expression of Wish-workgroup meets each Tuesday at 5pm CET on Zoom! Help us explore the vast field of distributed governance, with special regards to digital democracy!


Watch the video documentation of our last RChain Europe Community Meetup on November 23, 2018 at SUPERMARKT Berlin!

Interview with Ela Kagel and Peter Harris at RCON3


The Rho Revolution

A breakthrough concurrent computational system that unshackles the blockchain

A Complete System

RChain is pioneering transparent and secure transactions with an ultra-fast, global-scale technology platform. With cooperative governance and economics in place, RChain is a sustainable utility which can be applied to the greatest problems today.

Fast and Efficient at Every Scale

RChain intelligently optimizes the network and right-sizes each transaction, preventing wasted resources. Transactions now execute with low execution costs and greater efficiency.

Dependable for all Applications

A truly decentralized architecture design which does not compromise security to achieve scale. Rholang, RChain’s rho-powered programming language, lets developers confidently and correctly interact with the blockchain.

Built, Nurtured and Revolutionized by you

An inspirational and radically transparent, open-source cooperative. Rchain’s member-driven contributions enrich the system, resulting in unlimited organic growth.

Calling All Blockchain Developers in Europe!

Are you a dApp developer or architect?

Attend online tutorials, real-world hackathons, learn from weekly community calls and join the growing community of dApp developers.

Ideas and questions!

Interested in being an RChain validator?

Rchain cooperative will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the proof of stake validation process, and allow you to contribute to decisions related to fee structures.

Become a validator!


Curious about the science behind RChain technology?

The brightest minds behind RChain and members of the new RChain research organization will be discussing current and future research for the platform.

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Help us develop a strong community in Europe!

Are you interested in connecting with RChain Europe? Do you plan to set up an RChain community node in your own city? Would you like to share your ideas for community-building with us? We look forward to hearing from you.

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