RChain Europe Community Meetup

RChain Europe Community Meetup
23rd November 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Mehringplatz 9
10969 Berlin
RChain Europe & inblock.io
RChain Europe Community Meetup @ SUPERMARKT

A decentralized governance learning journey
We invite friends and partners for a collaborative assessment of the current state of decentralized governance.

Why dgov matters to us
Since we have been starting to create RChain EU in the summer of 2018 we have focused on decentralized governance as a core topic of our activities. While our team has been researching dgov tools, digital democracy platforms and interviewed practitioners in the field, we increasingly came to realise that there is no way of fully grasping the concept of dgov without understanding the systems that immediately surround us.

While RChain EU has been founded as an autonomous German cooperative, it is at the same time part of the global RChain ecosystem, thus intertwined in a complex systems of cultures, skills, beliefs and habits. Almost all the challenges we’ve observed in other projects also happened within the RChain cosmos: communication patterns in need of improvement, unclear protocols for collective ownership, hierarchies, where we rather should have collective intelligence in place, poor understanding of what collective decision-making actually means…
This is not meant to discredit anyone. It just shows how complex this field is. We have realized that RChain does not only need to create good coop governance, but has to make the link to blockchain governance as well. This is quite a challenge.

We finally came to redirecting our attention to the very governance systems we are part of in our daily lives. Our findings in short: if we ourselves don’t take on the challenges of distributed governance we must not think that we are ready to build any dgov tools.

What we plan to do on the 23rd

If you feel like you are on the same journey and face the same challenges as we do please join us for this meetup on November 23rd. Together we can create a space for collaborative learning on decentralized governance. What are the complexities behind it? How to combine the technical aspects of dgov with organizational design? How to move beyond the binary notion of voting towards more subtle forms of expression of will?

Schedule of the evening:

6pm             Doors open

6.30             Introductions by the RChain EU team

6.30-7.30   Impuls talks

7.30-8.30   Open Space

8.30-late    Snacks and Drinks


  • Ela Kagel from SUPERMARKT & RChain Europe (Coop foundation and learnings)
  • Andreas Arnold from RChain Europe (dgov mapping)
  • Joachim Lohkamp from Jolocom (Identity)
  • Pepo Ospina from CollectiveOne (Decision Making & CoBudgeting)
  • Thomas Dönnebrink & Ouishare (Learnings from user side)
  • Peter Harris, Resonate Music Streaming Collective (Identity and dgov)
  • Francesca Pick from greaterthan.finance (Consulting DO, Ouishare Learning Journey) via Skype
  • Anna Blume, Value Instrument
  • Ann-Marie Utratel & Stacco Tronsocco, P2P foundation & Guerilla Translation
  • Tim Bansemer, inblock.io